"I am very impressed and thankful with Dr. Krywko and her professional staff.  After having a military routine eye exam, I noticed my eyesight was not as it was fifteen years ago when I first joined. I randomly stopped in Scottsdale to see Dr. Krywko and her team. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and caring as they took the time and patience to care for my vision. Dr. Krywko explained in great detail, what my options were and made recommendations. I am so grateful for her commitment and service. Dr Krywko is truly committed in helping the community see the world in its true form. Thank you so much!"

-Oscar M.

"Dr. Krywko is the absolute best. It's difficult to find precision, accuracy -and- someone who puts you at ease immediately with a great laugh and rapport. Dr. Krywko has nailed all-of-the-above, and she makes a the normally mundane and painfully routine process of eye exams enjoyable.

I'm always impressed by Dr. Krywko's ability to offer solutions personalized to each of her patients. I have a stronger astigmatism, making it harder to fit me for contacts, but she always has a great solution that's comfortable, smart and affordable. She is extremely patient and always makes time for my questions about eye wear and care, (and there are many). Dr. Krywko is an all-around pro and an expert in her field. You won't be disappointed!!"

-Naomi G.

"After 25 years of wearing contacts I had a rough change in prescription and nothing was working.  Dr. Krywko took the time to explain it all me and came up with a great solution.  She is up on all the state-of-the-art options for eye care and has a wonderful way with people."

-Kris A.

"I came to Scottsdale Eye for a routine eye check and can say I was extremely pleased with my experience. Dr. Candria Krywko and her tech Alexa were very thorough, listened to my questions and concerns, and was able to answer all of them. I highly recommend Dr. Krywko to anyone for your eye care needs. Keep up the great work Scottsdale Eye!"

-Jon G.

"You know people always take the time to complain and very few take the time to say thank you. I have been a patient at Scottsdale Eye  Physicians & Surgeons for over 15 years now for a reason. From Dr. Krywko who met me for the first time in June of 2015 and remembered my circumstances when we met again in September, to JoAnna going above and beyond with her duties as a technician. Extraordinary people who treat me with care and compassion. These are expert medical professionals with an exceptional staff."

-Carol F.

"I needed eye specialist for my daughter and didn't want to go to Urgent Care or ER as they are not specialist in diagnosing eye problems. This office was very accommodating. Everyone was pleasant and professional. Dr. Krywko is a caring doctor with excellent bed side manners. We came back for an eye exam and glasses."

-Ursala M.

"Being new to this state, I can honestly say this is the best eye doctor and I made a good decision coming here. They took the time and patience to help! I am forever grateful. Also, there are many styles to choose for glasses!!"

-Katie C.

"I went to see Dr. Krywko to get contacts and she was so patient with me. I tried every pair out there and was getting very discouraged, then Dr. Krywko tried one last pair called SynergEyes contact lenses. They're the best! They're hard lenses in the center, soft on the edges, comfortable and easy to handle. I recommend them to anyone having a hard time finding contacts that are comfortable. I give Dr. Krywko five stars... way to go and keep up the great work!"

-Debra D.

"Let me start by saying I had not had positive experiences with Optometrist offices since moving to AZ.  That has changed since my recent eye exam.  Everything about my recent experience was professional yet friendly.  I saw Dr Krywko, who was very thorough.  She encouraged questions and answered them in a way that was easy to understand.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office for your vision care.  You will not be disappointed."

-Deb M.

"My situation is probably unique, but I think my experience with Dr. Krywko speaks volumes to her approach with patients. After having been prescribed with acute astigmatism in my left eye (legally blind in one eye) at a young age, none of my previous doctors even gave it a second thought. Dr. Krywko asked me a series of questions and took the time to see if contact lenses might help. Keep in mind, no other doctor even entertained the idea of contact lenses, (the logic being that glasses offer protection that contacts do not) without ever considering the fact that contacts may enhance my vision in ways that glasses cannot. I have been wearing glasses since I was 19, here I am 11 years later, within 45 minutes, Dr. Krywko determined that contacts were a great idea AND I would see better because of it, there is also a chance that my left eye could improve over time. I highly recommend Dr. Krywko to anyone looking for a more personal approach, who knows, maybe you could receive the same kind of good news?"

-Andrew H.

"My eye appointment with Dr. Krywko was exceptional. I was thrilled with the thorough exam and the staff were very friendly. It was a very clean office and easy location to find. I would highly recommend this optometrist office to anyone looking for excellent eye care."

-Jackie M.

"I thank you for the superb customer service. It's great to have a provider that genuinely cares for their patients."



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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr. Candria Kryko is a wonderful OD. I was seen by Dr. Kryko in Scottsdale recently for an eye exam/contact lens fitting. She is extremely pleasant, attentive, and she took her time to give me a thorough exam and answer all of my questions. Dr. Kryko gave me recommendations on contacts and eye drops, as well, she gave me tips on how I can save on some of my contact expenses. She was professional, attentive, took the time to explain what was needed, and was simply nice to be around. I recommend Dr. Kryko.

    Chelsey K.

    By far the best experience I've had. She took her time to know me, and I received education about my eyesight, and choices I had. The modern technology showed me my options with a prescription and without. The office was on time, professional and inviting. The best for the entire family.

    Linn M.

    Dr. Krywko listens and identifies the issues with the eyes! I don’t feel like a number - the time was spent to understand what issues I was having and a comprehensive solution developed! I followed Dr. Krywko from her previous location as she’s THAT good! The team she has surrounded herself with is top notch as well! (Thank you Liz)

    Cat W.

    I have worn contact lenses for years but due to my strong near-sighted prescription with high astigmatism could get neither the comfort nor vision very good in standard gas permeable lenses or in soft lenses. I had reverted back to wearing glasses most of the time until Dr. Krywko recommended the SynergEyes lenses. They work great for me and I can finally wear contacts again! Thank you, Dr. Krywko!

    Anna G.

    Being new to this state, I can honestly say this is the best eye doctor and I made a good decision coming here. They took the time and patience to help!

    -Katie C.