Contact Lenses

Are Contact Lenses the Right Vision Solution for You?

There are many reasons why someone who requires corrective lenses might desire to wear contact lenses over traditional eyeglasses. For starters, contacts offer freedom from glasses and are a more convenient choice for active people; particularly those that play sports. Furthermore, contacts do not limit your peripheral vision the way eyeglasses do and you don’t have to worry about them getting bent or crooked!


While contacts offer versatility with correcting your vision needs, a thorough eye exam with your eye doctor will determine whether contact lenses are right for you. Curious if you are a good candidate? Schedule an eye exam with our Scottsdale optometrist here at Eyes on Hayden to discuss your options!

Are Contacts Safe?

As contact lenses are considered a medical device, they require an annual prescription to ensure a healthy fit AND great vision. Annual contact lens evaluations help reduce the risk of problems, and, when worn as directed, considered safe. Millions of people wear them without experiencing issues or complications. 

With that said, however, contact lens wear is not 100 percent risk-free. Good hygiene and adhering to your doctor’s recommended lens replacement interval are essential to successful contact lens wear.

How Practical Are Contacts?

Modern contact lenses are disposable and meant to be worn and replaced routinely as directed. While some contacts are due for replacement every 2-4 weeks, the most popular modality are daily disposable contact lenses. Daily disposable contacts are an especially good option for people who do not like or want the hassle of cleaning, sanitizing, and/or storing contacts that have already been worn. The daily disposable modality also offers the least chance of infection and is typically considered the thinnest and most comfortable lenses on the market.

Contact lenses, including daily disposables, are more affordable than people realize. In most cases, you can obtain a year’s supply of daily disposable contacts for less than the cost of purchasing a black coffee every day. Not a bad price to have crystal-clear vision without glasses!

Who Can and Can’t Wear Contact Lenses?

While a great majority of people wear contact lenses successfully with zero issues, some are advised to avoid contacts because they are not an ideal candidate. Your optometrist may advise against contact lenses if you have a history of persistent eye infections, eyelid disease, or an irregular cornea. Individuals that have had eye surgery or are prone to specific eye or health-related issues may also be advised to avoid contact lens wear. A thorough eye exam is the best way to find out if contacts are a good fit for you.

An Optometrist in Scottsdale You Can Trust with Your Vision

A great eye doctor you can trust with the integrity of your vision is a must if you are thinking about getting contacts. Looking for an optometrist in Scottsdale? Eyes on Hayden has all your vision needs covered with detailed, friendly eye care services of all types. Call us today to schedule your contact lens exam… we can’t wait to help you see your best!


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